AVTech & F1tenth Racing


Last year UHMC built and offered its first dedicated and formal course on Autonomous Vehicle Technology. The course was UH-MC ETRO293v – Autonomous Vehicle Technologies. The focus of the course was to build up undergraduate students’ knowledge of the many elements of autonomous vehicle design and operation as well as give the students additional hands-on experience using their knowledge from other UH-MC classes. At the core was an emphasis on addressing autonomous racing considerations and pushing the envelope on the software and hardware used in autonomous vehicles. The Class is proposed for Spring 2021 and will move from Jetson Racers to much more sophisticated F1Tenth vehicles and give the students a chance to participate on both virtual as well as actual track events. We plan also to add a possible intern or two from a local high school under a “fast start program



Class Update!

Nov 19, 2020

Depending on the Covid-19 responses of our universities , both UH-MC and UH-Manoa hope to implement F1tenth next semester!

Internship opportunities!

2nd Semester 2022 and Summer 2022

We have decided to continue the effort to get the evKart ready for the competitions in 2021 and have brought in an intern. If anyone else is interested please see the Class website for more info.


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January 2021

Big NEWS.... Next semester we will once again offer the "Autonomous Vehicle Technology" class at UH-MC. Due to Covid it is expected that the class will be online only or a mixed online / Lab based class. We are looking to have some outdoor hands-on testing sessions. please check in with Dr. Elisabeth Dubuit or Dr. Mark Hoffman for more details.

March 2021

Our goal is to have a student level JetRacer competition in March. We are hoping for 2-3 teams and expect it to be an online (aka in a simulator) but if we can do a hands-on version at the Maui Motorsports Park or on-campus.